Writing essays can be an insurmountable task for many people. However, some essays are simple to write, while others are just a headache. Argumentative essays are among the essays that people fear writing. This is because the essay requires you to use formal writing language and above all, know how to defend your stance in writing.

Argumentative essays are, on the other hand, simple essays to write because once you got your points intact and well outlined, transferring that into an essay should be a walk-over task. An argumentative essay, like any other essay, has three major parts: the introduction, three paragraphs, and a conclusion.

This argumentative essay structure is the most popular among writers; however, the format can change when you have more points. More points mean that you have to increase the number of paragraphs since each point should be outlined briefly and concisely in its paragraph.

Here are tips on how to write an argumentative essay:

1. Understand the topic you are to write about and thoroughly research it. You can pick a side and argue that side out on your essay.

2. Formulate points that will help you argue. If you have several points, eliminate the weaker ones and arrange them in descending order of strength. This means that you put your best foot forward by explaining the stronger points first.

3. Use topic sentences to introduce your points. After that, use a strong command of language to explain your points, expressing your convictions using writing techniques such as logos and ethos. The more you include facts and figures, the stronger your argument becomes. Do not forget to state the source of your information. Give credit where it is deserved. Use in-text citations and a proper reference list if necessary.

4. Your argumentative essay introduction should be attractive with a good thesis statement. The introduction of an essay is everything. A boring introduction will make your audience bored even before they begin reading your content, however interesting it may be. If you are having problems with how to start an argumentative essay, consider using credible facts and figures, a brief story, or a general statement. For example, the production of wheat has significantly plummeted over the years due to poor seed foraging among large scale Indonesian farmers.

5. Your conclusion should summarize what you have written. In cases where you are arguing out two or more aspects of the topic, it is in the conclusion section that you state your overall position with regards to your argument. Let your conclusion be small, not exceeding 100 words or so.

6. Proof-check your work for mistakes and avoidable errors.

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