There has to be a set of policies that guides the use of this website, how we work, and the nature of our agreements, contracts, and final products.

Terms and conditions are boring to read, but it is pertinent that you go through them. We do not want you to be caught unaware when an action is taken due to an irregularity, violation of terms and conditions, or lack of knowledge.

As long as you are using this website, our services, and our products, you are bound to these terms.

In this statement,
‘We, Our, or Us’ represents Top-shelf Essays,

‘You, or Client’ represents any user, visitor, or any person subscribing to our services or using our website.

‘Website’ refers to this domain and all its sub-pages and blogs.

‘Order’ refers to the request of a service or product.

1. Terms and conditions for placing buy orders

1.1 A client can place an order without having to create an account with us. However, it is expedient to create an account with us.

1.2 It is absolutely free to place orders. We do not charge for placing an order, but you must pay after placing the order for us to receive the order. Why do you have to pay before? Over the years, we have encountered clients that show adamancy in paying for already delivered services. Once a writer completes the job, they expect us to pay, regardless of whether the client has accepted or not. To avoid rubbing shoulders, we deemed it best for the client to pay before the services. Read on for the terms and conditions that define our money-back option.

1.3 During the placing of orders, the client needs to outline the details of the order. We provide drop-down options for the major categories of papers. The client is required to choose one and specify the urgency/deadline.

Every order has its specific price determined by the nature of its complexity, and the work needed to be done on it. Please note that we may reject an order if the order details do not match the description. For example, do not order a thesis in the name of an article.

1.3.1 If there are any further instructions or resources necessary to complete the order, you must upload the required files. We accept Word documents, PDFs, or PowerPoint notes. Other types of files are not accepted.

1.3.2 If the order, to be completed, requires some specific resources/materials/excerpts to be read, or referred, you must send them so that we can complete the order. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the order.

1.3.3 Give reasonable time for orders constituting large volumes. We will not accept large orders that require an unreasonably short time to complete. For instance, you cannot expect over seven pages to be done in 6 hours. We remain will the jurisdiction to validate the time allocated for the completion of certain orders.

1.4 Once payment has been made, there is no room for the review of order details. In case there are small changes, communicate to us through and we will notify the writers.

2. Terms and conditions for ongoing orders

2.1 You can always ask for the progress of your order by contacting our support team through

2.2 If you feel that you need to provide more information concerning your order, you can contact us.

2.3 Changing the structure of the order and major details is not allowed. We will not accept a request to change the nature of your order. Once we complete the order, feel free to re-order for another essay/article, outlining what you want.

2.3.1 You can only change the information in the first third of the time specified as the deadline. For instance, if the writer wishes to do major changes (Order complexity, volume, i.e., number of pages, or deadlines) on the instructions of an order given a deadline of 24 hours, he/she can do it in the first 8 hours. This will solely depend on the writer.

2.3.2 If the writer accepts, we will proceed with the changes. If the writer declines, we will ask the client to wait for the piece to be completed and order anew for another piece.
If the article/essay is to be done in 6 hours, no changes can be made to the order. Following this policy, you need to take time during placing an order.

2.3.3 Once an order is placed, the deadline can only be narrowed if the conditions in 2.3.2 are observed. A fee of $5 per page will be charged for the service, and the request executed after our account is credited.

2.4 If at all, the writers need more information or resources about the article/essay, our support team will communicate to the writer to give further instructions or directions. Top-shelf Essays will not be liable for any inconveniences arising from the clients’ side.

2.5 The client is required to communicate with us through Our lines are available 24/7, leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

2.5.1 We will not accept liability for loss of communication with us on ongoing orders, declining to communicate, or lateness in replying. We will also not accept liability for compromised/poor quality work associated with miscommunication or failure to communicate with us.

2.6 We remain with the discretion to ask for more time to complete certain complex orders to maintain our mission of delivering quality work. In severe lateness in delivery, we shall refund a fraction of the payment to compensate for the inconvenience caused.


3. Terms and conditions for creating accounts and giving PI (Personal Information)

3.1 When filling your forms, you don’t need to give your real personal information; for example, we do not require you to give your full names or real names. However, the email and payment information you give should be valid to facilitate successful payment and communication. We are not liable for any misinformation given to us in case we cannot reach you.

3.2 The client is responsible for the confidentiality of their account and everything about it, including passwords, order details, security.

3.3 You are responsible for all activities undertaken using your account like password resetting, other changes, ordering, and communication. We are not liable if someone else uses your account behind your back. Top-shelf Essays, nonetheless, guarantees the safety of your account against hackers and viruses. However
3.4 If you suspect that someone may be using your account without your knowledge, you can always change your password or delete it. If you feel that something is not okay with your account, we advise that you delete it and open a new one.

3.5 Only delete an account if there are no ongoing orders associated with it. We will not accept liability for loss of communication with us on ongoing orders, declining to communicate, or lateness in replying.


4. Terms and conditions in order delivery and reviewing

4.1 As we are responsible for delivering high-quality articles/essays, we are not responsible for any inconveniences or unavailability of the client’s delivery channels. See clause 3.1. This may be caused by submitting false information, invalid email addresses, faulty internet connections, etc.

4.2 It is the responsibility of the client to download the content on time after we deliver.

4.3 The client can ask for revisions within 24 hours of delivery. We will not accept further revisions after 24 hours have elapsed since delivery.

4.4 Usually, we accept up to three revisions. Any further revisions will be questioned, and we will not allow you to exploit our writers and us, or ask for unreasonable requests.


5. Money-back terms and conditions

5.1 We will only give a refund when we deem it plausible and necessary. Once payment is approved, all refunding rights become our discretion.

5.2 We will refund half the order amount upon order cancellation in the first third of the time allocated to deliver. For instance, if a paper/article is given 24 hrs to complete, we will only refund if the request is made in the first 8 hours. This clause is also pegged on clause 2.3.2.

5.3 Orders set to be completed in 6 hours or less cannot be canceled.

5.4 We will refund a client based on inconveniences caused due to late deliveries (more than 12 hours late) and not based on quality. The amount to refund remains our discretion. See our money-back guarantee here.


6. Copyright terms and conditions

Once you approve our delivery, all copyrights are transferred to you. You can, therefore, do what you deem best with the content, respecting the following conditions

6.1 You are not to use our products commercially without our consent. That is failing to respect the time and dedication put into research and creativity.

6.2 You are not to reproduce or distribute the product in any way, hardware or software, or share our products with third parties.

6.3 If you pass the products as your original work, we will not be liable for the implications or ramifications.

6.4 We will not be liable for any wrongful, unethical, illegal, or inappropriate use of the products and other materials found here on this website. We will never be responsible for plagiarism, lawsuits, grading, suspension, academic probation, expulsion, loss of scholarships/awards/ prizes/titles/positions, or any other disciplinary actions associated with our products’ use.

6.5 We are also not responsible for failure in tests, examinations, or evaluations associated with our products’ use.


7. Terms and conditions defining the use of this website

This website and the content herein (pages and blogs)are free and available for everyone, irrespective of age, race, and boundary. The services provided by Top-shelf Essays and affiliates can be accessed by anyone using this website.

7.1 Anyone using this website is bound by the terms and conditions highlighted on this page.

7.2 You may not use this website or any of the materials herein, including blogs and sample essays for commercial, unlawful, or illegal purposes.

7.3 You must not disseminate any unlawful actions, including harassing, defaming, abusing, or threatening. You must not post obscene images, videos, texts, or comments anywhere on this website. It is utterly unacceptable.

7.4 You may not interfere or impede any other user’s use of the website.

7.5 You may not use the name Top-shelf, or Top-shelf Essays without our permission or for wrongful purposes. Consequently, you may not use the names for personal gain or our defamation. You may not also give formal statements on any platform, on our behalf, without our permission.

7.6 We have all the rights to terminate or suspend your use of the website or your account if we see that you have violated any of the terms and conditions stated here.

7.7 Upon termination, we are not liable for any loss incurred as a result.

We reserve the right to change any clause of these terms and conditions, and we must inform you when that happens.

Contact us at support@top-shelf     or