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Playing games during leisure time can be fun and mind relaxing. Several indoor games are good for you, your family, and your friends. Now that mobile phones have divided the family and created multiple barriers, it is time to get back that connection. What then can you do to foster that cohesion in your family?

There is a solution presented by the Quilty Company. They are professional puzzle makers, and they have designed complex yet simple puzzles to solve. One of the products they have designed is the 1000-piece Jigsaw puzzles for adults. 1000 pieces seem to be massive for someone to complete, but it is doable. This particular product is described as Apricot Blossom, which happens to be a color.

The puzzle is 16.54 inches (42.01 cm) by 11.69 inches (29.69 cm). This dimensioning makes the puzzle pieces sizeable and not very small. The area taken up by this dimensioning is also large enough to fit a sizeable portion of your surface.

It gives you ample space to work out on the overall picture with the freedom to begin from anywhere depending on the pieces you find fitting. When solving the puzzle with a friend or with the family, there is no crowding up. The jigsaw puzzle dimensions have allowed for this kind of set up making room for everyone to freely participate in the activity.

The pieces are incredibly 0.7 centimetres (0.2755 inches) thick, a feature that makes the picking of the puzzles simple. Thinner puzzle pieces make the picking of the puzzle pieces difficult, and that makes the process tiring at times. The puzzle pieces may also suffer a significant amount of stress as you tend to fold them a little when picking. Over time, the puzzle pieces will end up breaking or tearing off, reducing the lifespan of the pieces. In addition, when the stress marks show, your final image will be distorted by the marks. The designers considered this phenomenon and made them thick enough.

The thickness ensures a tight interlocking heirloom-quality puzzle. Sometimes, the jigsaw puzzles with thin puzzle pieces fail to interlock tightly, and you suffer the risk of your puzzle breaking along the consolidation lines. 0.7 cm thickness allows for strong interlocking, and you can even carry your finished puzzle around without it falling apart.

The manufacturer is eco-friendly, and they have made the jigsaw puzzle from thickened recycled board. This is fantastic because they are helping in the reduction of environmental pollution in the world. It is an excellent action too, as they seek to save trees by recycling waste cardboard. You can join their innovative move and support them by purchasing their products. Furthermore, the inks used to make the image are organic and non-toxic. It is therefore safe to use the product if you may have chronic respiratory conditions or if you are prone to allergic reactions due to the same.

puzzle pieces
Photo courtesy of Hans-Peter Gauster-Unsplash

Did you know that solving jigsaw puzzles has diverse psychological benefits? Various researchers have unraveled this mystery and have proven that the activity reduces stress levels to a certain minimum. Your moods are improved, and after the activity, you become elated. If you are usually exhausted every other evening, create time, and try this jigsaw puzzle. The magic will happen even without you realizing it.

Amazingly, there are also other benefits attached to jigsaw puzzle solving. Your mapping ability in the mind is enhanced, and as you pay attention to detail in a feat to put every piece where it rightfully belongs, you begin doing the same in real life. Your productivity at work surfeits, in the long run, thanks to jigsaw puzzling. On the other hand, if you need to increase your IQ (Intellectual Quotient), or that of your child, then you have to consider this jigsaw puzzle. Solving the puzzles improves your memory, reasoning, and thinking capacity. It is much better than social media, regarding the value it adds to you.

Older people like these intellectual games, and you can keep your grandparents busy with this puzzle. You can also keep yourself busy with it as you can do it over and over. There are also a variety of such puzzles offered by Quilty, and the fun goes on and on. Quilty has ensured that you store your puzzle pieces well by giving the package in a box. If one piece out of the thousand is missing when you purchase the product, call them and they will deliver a new package.

This is an excellent product in which the value befits the achievable cost. Get one today, and your friends will have an unforgettable time when you invite them over for a sleepover.


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