Privacy policy constitutes the parameters that guide two or more parties professionally relating with each other, use, and manage the personal information disclosed to facilitate the relationship. The information includes legal names, addresses, specific dates like those of birth, contacts, IDs, payment info, etc.

The jurisdiction on how and why the information is acquired, stored, used, shared, or sold is outlined in this statement, and that is why it is extremely pertinent that you read through carefully.

If you do not agree with our policy, we advise that you do not use our services. In case of any illegalities, this statement is legally binding, and it strictly defines our discretion on the information we get from clients.

For the services we offer to be made available, and the business made successful, we need some of your personal confidential information at various stages. Managing this information is important because it is not ours. It’s your information.

Your PI (PI represents personal information) may include, but is not limited to, your mail, legal name, bank card numbers, institutional affiliation, address, and country. When you decide not to disclose some necessary information, you should stop using our website and other services.

We give you our word, that,

  1. As long as you have an account, your information remains safe in our databases. Once you delete your account, your entire PI (Personal Information) is permanently deleted, meaning no one can find it. No search engines can neither find nor index the information, whether stored in our databases or deleted.
  2. We will never share your information with third parties unless they are our legal affiliates, sub-associates, or law enforcers. You can be sure that we will stringently protect your PI and not share it with untrustworthy entities.
    • We may share with
      • Our subsidiaries
      • Our group of companies
      • Our associates
      • Our service providers
    • We will only share your information when
      • required by law or government
      • enforcing our terms and conditions
      • protecting your rights
      • preventing fraud


  1. We are open to questions on how we use your PI.

Everyone values privacy, and we value yours too.

This website is managed and hosted by Apocalypse Technologies, located in Kenya. The company creates the databases and does the server scripting.

Whenever you use Apocalypse Technologies’ (Kenya) website –, their application –, their mobile applications on Android and iOS and their products, you automatically consent to this Privacy Policy. Those are the services that Apocalypse Technologies-Kenya provides.

Acquiring your information

These are the ways we collect your PI. When you

  1. order our services,
  2. post a review,
  3. contact us through sending a mail or calling in.

We may also receive your PI from other sources who are our affiliates or associates. We may also get information from the files you upload. It is, therefore, advisable that you do not upload or share files with excessive personal information or third party information.

Scrutinize the files before uploading them to eliminate information that you may not want us to have. It is not a statement to imply that we may share it because we won’t. It is just a call for maintaining your privacy. We store all files uploaded and downloaded, and all information is secure in our databases.

Also, we record technical information, IP address, and actions done during interaction with our website and applications. The latter data collection is also inevitable, and the data is used to improve your experience on the website, and web browsers also require it for efficiency. We use cookies, and that’s the best way we can explain why that information has to be collected. Read more about cookies here.

We keep that data as long as required. After you delete your account, all of the data is deleted, except your email, so that we can reach you to inform you once in a while of our new services, available discounts, and existing products. However, you can ask us to delete some of your data without you having to delete your account, and we will gladly do so.

The following are the reasons why we collect your PI.

  1. For legal purposes

1.1 The verification of our clients

1.2 Prevention of fraudulent use of our website and services. Otherwise, illegal activities or violations of terms and conditions will lead to banning or legal prosecution. We can prosecute or ban you from using our website only if we have your information.

1.3 For tax implications and VAT purposes

  1. For communication with clients
  2. For the provision of services in a current contract
  3. To provide information about services that you have shown interest in purchasing
  4. For the provision of historical data on ongoing or completed activities using your account
  5. To provide information on new products, promotion of existing products, and available offers and discounts.

Why are we obliged to collect your data?

  1. We must collect it. The deliveries of the services you need are only made possible through you providing us with your PI.
  2. We have your consent to collect your PI. You agree to the terms and conditions once you use our website.
  3. You have asked us to do so.
  4. We are complying with the law.

Finally, as a client, you can

  1. ask for information about anything concerning your PI,
  2. ask for the deletion of any of your PI if it doesn’t affect the delivery of our services negatively,
  3. delete your account,
  4. ask how your PI is being used, and, or,
  5. raise a complaint.

This website does not have an age restriction whatsoever. It is open for use to people of all ages. However, for people under the age of 16, it is pertinent that they seek guidance on the disclosure of PI. We are not liable for any information disclosed by minors.

Finally, these policies are subject to change. Whenever anything is changed, we will inform you. If we change anything and you happen to disagree with the amendments, prompt discontinuation of the use of the website is recommended consequently to the deletion of all accounts.

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