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Keeping fit without stepping outside can be a significant problem. We are in perilous times and experts advise us to stay home. Don’t gain more weight; instead, surprise friends and relatives at the end of this pandemic. Burn that extra calorie!

Exercise is a pertinent activity with a lot of positive health values for the body. It would be best if you kept fit to avoid some terminal illnesses like diabetes and obesity. Exercising every day can prevent some cardiovascular complications like arteriosclerosis (a condition where your arterial diameter is reduced by cholesterol that builds upon the walls inside the arteries).

Hypertension is common in overweight people, and cutting that weight is essential in the managing of the condition. Ignorance might send you away to a hospital bed for a very long time, or worse still, you may suffer a fatal heart attack and go straight to the grave. It is therefore important to watch your weight and keep fit every day to avoid these severe life-threatening conditions.

There are many types of fitness exercises that you could do. One of them is the pull-up exercise. In case you do not know what a pull-up is, a pull-up is an exercise which requires you to pull yourself up by your arms on an elevated bar over and over. This exercise has a lot of benefits to your nerves and your skeleton, especially the spinal cord.

Your back is made robust, you lose weight, and it works out your wrists, biceps and triceps when done continually. You will burn those calories a little bit, and it is better than not doing it at all. Whenever you burn calories, the excessive cholesterol on the arteries is trans-located to other places of the body or consumed, and you relieve yourself of the risk of arteriosclerosis or heart attack.

Doing pull-ups has been made easier by Ikonfitness, a USA based company which designs fitness equipment. You do not have to go to the gym every morning to get your daily dose of fitness exercises. Ikonftness has designed a pull-up bar which is hooked into the door frame. These are five reasons why you should get this fantastic product. You are already thinking of spoiling your door frame with screws, right?

  1. No screws at all!

The Ikonfitness pull-up bar is extremely innovative and will not require any screwing or assembling. You simply hook it at the door, and you are ready to work out. It is an amazing feature that makes the bar portable, and it is not permanent- you can remove it whenever you want and is foldable to economize on space.

space economy

2. Hulk-strong pull-up bar

Most importantly, the bar is sturdy and stable so, you do not have to fret about it coming off, moving or breaking during exercise, avoiding unnecessary accidents. It is also made from a thick rod, increasing the grasp and grip effect.

If you are a heavy person and you are probably saying to yourself that this is a ridiculous product incapable of handling my weight, then you are absolutely wrong. The bar has been engineered by experienced professional material scientists who have studied materials all their life.

They, therefore, selected materials that can stand a massive force without fracturing, and they have proved that it can withstand up to 200 kilograms (440 lbs). The bar will also last longer than you expect, a feature that is attributed to the durable materials used to construct this product. Your weight does not exceed 200 kilograms, does it?

3. Cushioned pads to prevent damage

Furthermore, your weight will not damage the door-frame because the bar is furnished with cushioned pads to prevent damage. This way, you will do your fitness routine with a clear conscience.

4. Soft foam grip for a touch of comfort

Sweating a lot during workouts is a common phenomenon because your body is burning that excess fat and the result is excretion. However, this causes your hands to be slippery, especially when doing pull-ups. Ikonfitness included a durable soft foam grip in their product, minimizing slipping. Besides, you get a touch of comfort and protection against blisters associated with this type of workout.

Dimensions for the door

Door specifications for the use of this product are a door width of around 0.7-0.92 meters (27.56-36.22 inches). It, therefore, fits a wider range of door frames and door widths. However, it is prudent to check your doors and certify that at least one of them meets these specifications.

5. Bar accommodates different elevations for tall and short people

The product also suits tall and short people as it includes two workout bars at different elevations. There are many styles of pull-ups, and this product allows you to carry out most of them comfortably. Once you hang on the bar, the whole system feels as if it is part of the wall.

It is a pull-up bar recommended for everyone. Gift your friend who is conscious about their hand muscles and overall looks. Better still, you could surprise you overweight relative with this product who is looking forward to cutting weight by daily workouts, or you could get it for yourself. Practice daily at home and go to the gym once in a while to show off your impressive pull-ups, thanks to this amazing product.

Who said you can’t keep fit without going to the gym?

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