Popular in the 1960s, the tie-dye technique is an exciting way to make your top outfits look stunning. The patterns produced on t-shirts and other fabrics are fantastic and stick out as a spectacular touch of fine art. Today, some people still value innovative art and are crazy about the outfits made from the technique. This technique is gaining popularity once more in our contemporary era and is taking the fashion industry by storm.

Tie-dye is a DIY dyeing technique that is a straightforward activity that you can do at home, all by yourself because requisite knowledge is not needed. The materials needed for this beautiful art are readily available. You require a white or grey piece of cloth, thick threads or rubber bands, and dyes. The dyes are the household dyes sold at your nearest stores. However, choosing a suitable kind of dyes to use may be the major problem in doing tie-dye.

Tulip Company designed a one-step tie-dye kit which you can be sure to satisfy all your tie-dye needs. The set is designed for five people to use, and it supplies all the dye that five people will require to do the technique. Tulip included 15 colors in this set, each color in its bottle. The colors include pink, fuchsia, red, coral, orange, yellow, lime, green, teal, turquoise, blue, purple, violet, and red. With these diverse colors, you are ready to unleash your creativity by creating something unique that will make you stand out.

Photo Courtesy of Joshua Stitt-Unsplash

No soda ash required

Pre-soaking fabric in soda ash before dying is believed to make quality tie-dye products that are wash-fast. Scientists say that the soda ash raises the pH to give optimum conditions for the dye reaction with the fabric. All that is now in the past as Tulip’s dyes are here to revolutionize your tie-dye process. The use of soda ash is eliminated by these dyes which require you to only fill the bottles with water and begin dyeing. You can now forget about the tedious process of measuring soda ash and dissolving it in warm water. Besides, soda ash is harmful to some people because it reacts with the skin, causing irritations.

Several patterns can be explored with the tie-dye technique using Tulip dyes. From a spiral to a mandala, you can look fabulous with tie-dye outfits. The process is simple and is as follows:

1. Dampen your fabric with a little water.

2. Add water to the dye bottles you prefer using and shake thoroughly for the dye to mix well with the water.

3. Twist or fold your fabric into your creative pattern and secure it with rubber bands.

4. Apply your dies creatively, mixing the different colors as you please.

5. Let your creation dry off, preferably in a sealable plastic bag, which ensures the cloth remains damp for the dye to set well.

It is essential for the dye to permanently consolidate with the fabric to reduce washing off and fading of the tie-dye garment. This will ensure an extended period of color vibrancy compared to other dies in the market.

Free gloves and rubber bands

With this kit comes a pair of gloves and rubber bands to assist you in your creative adventure of tie-dying. You should not be worried about messing your hands or looking for strings to do tie-dying. In case the dye comes into contact with your skin, wash it off thoroughly, and it will come off. All you need is creativity and a little bit of knowledge on how to get the patterns right.

Are you a lab technician or a research specialist working in labs? If it is allowed, you could wow your colleagues by dyeing your lab coat with Tulip dyes and stay vibrant all day long, turning that boring lab into a warm place with these dyes. Summer is made unforgettable using these dyes, whether in a summer camp or just chilling at home around the pool.

When you invite your friends and family to your place during the summer holidays, make memories of dying fabric and shirts with these dyes. Tie-dying is for all people of all ages, and you can do it with your parents, grandparents, children, or grandchildren as it is all about having fun.

The dyes are recommended for anyone with allergic reactions or respiratory conditions as the dyes are non-toxic. The cost of the set is highly achievable and the result is worth your cash down to the last cent. You could gift someone with this amazing product, and they will highly appreciate it.

Child in tie-dye t-shirt
Photo courtesy of Barret Ward-Unsplash

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