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The guitar is a popular string musical instrument that is sensational and easy to learn how to play. According to archaeologists, the time of the creation of the famous musical instrument is unclear, although the stringed instruments were being played from as early as the 12th century. The acoustic guitar is older than the electric guitar because the electric guitar relies on electricity, which was rolled out in the 19th century. Many guitarists have risen to fame due to their expertise in wowing fans and moving crowds. The guitars are well played depending on the fingering styles and strumming to bring the strings into a rhythm.

Do string experts use guitar picks?
Several professional guitarists use picks, and others are good at fingering the strings. Rock guitarist Jeff Beck and Lawson Rollins use guitar picks during most of the playing sessions, and they can achieve very high speeds. The list is endless. Contrastingly, John Williams is an example of a good guitar player who has never used the picks, and he is still cool at his gigs.

So the question is-guitar pick or no guitar pick? Honestly, knowing how to play with a guitar pick is essential because you could always add to your techniques. Picks help you learn how to play that guitar hard and attain incredible speeds.

Check the quality
The quality and type of picks play a big role in the versatility of the rhythm and ease during playing. Dunlop has always designed the best picks in the industry and there is an assortment of picks available for you at the stores. Innovation and quality is their theme towards assisting you in achieving your potential as a player.

Their picks have been designed with the utmost precision in texture, shape, material, and artwork, as these attributes are crucial for their products’ overall performance. The California USA based company has been in business since 1965, and their experience guarantees you the quality of their products.

Pro’s say it is good to know how to use guitar picks
Jazz and rock specialists recommend that learners who are new in the guitar craft use the picks and graduate from that to fingering. They say that your playing ability will be nurtured better with a pick, especially if you are learning to play any form of an electric guitar. Sweep-picking and speed-picking are special techniques that are learned better with picks.

Critics say that picks will break your strings all the time, but there is a brighter side. Dunlop picks assortment comes with a variety of thickness sizes, and it is better to learn using the thinner picks and graduate to the heavier ones. That way, you will save your strings from breaking, and you will learn how to use all the different types of picks.


Thickness is greatness. But how thick?
Did you know that the thickness of the picks affects how you play the guitar, the rhythm, and the overall sound of the music as it comes from the amplifier? If you are a lead guitarist, then the heavy pick is made for you because you need to play notes as fast and as concisely as possible.

Thin picks are for the acoustic type because here, rhythm is of much concern. The medium picks are for those that play both the lead and the rhythm guitars because it helps them alternate freely without and maintain their plucking strength.

Material plays a big role. Don’t just use any pick!

Depending on what type of player that you are, the pack has so much in store, and it has all the sizes from light to heavy. In addition to all that, the type of material that makes the picks also add to the rhythm, amplified sound, and comfort during playing.

The common type is nylon, which is better than plastic due to its lack of ‘plastic tick’ and celluloid. Dunlop assortment includes all types: tortex, nylon, ultex, and celluloid, all tailored out for the multiple guitar players and for the mavericks who want to explore other guitars.

Honestly, 12 picks may confuse you a little on which one to use if you are a novice or a beginner. You could always change the picks every round you play and get to know what suits you best.

Finally, you can contact Dunlop to get your custom picks with a signature or logo to make your pick special and unique. That sounds great, especially for those that love their fans and would like to appreciate them with something little but unique. If you want to gift someone who is a guitar fanatic, then this assortment of picks will make memories.

Try Dunlop today, and you will not be disappointed.

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