How do I place my order at Top-shelf Essays?

  1. How do I place my order at Top-shelf Essays?

Placing an order at Top-shelf is a cup of tea. You can do this in two ways.

If you don’t have an account,

Go to our homepage and scroll to the very top. You will find a button labeled ‘Get a custom essay.’ Next, please give your name (it does not have to be your actual name), valid accessible email address, and a password. This is for creating an account with us.

If you have an account, log in.

After that, fill in the order details to complete your order. Be as exhaustive as possible when you are filling the order to give appropriate instructions. You can copy-paste the instructions here. Ensure all areas are filled.

Give the type of paper, academic level, volume (number of pages), urgency, paper format (if applicable), and the number of sources (references) to be used. Then give the topic (a general field, title, or name of the unit, etc…) and, after that, articulate your instructions, standards, and how you want the paper to be done.

How do I know the total amount I will be required to pay for the service?

Choose the appropriate options as listed above. The overall pricing shows at the bottom—no need for calculations. Pricing is done according to the writing to be done, the volume, and the urgency. The other factors do not affect the pricing.

Our basic pricing plans

What if I have documents necessary for the completion of the order that I need to upload?

After completing the order details, click continue and confirm. On the top-right of the window will be an area to upload files.

What are these order extras?

These are additional services that we provide to our clients. VIP support is a service whereby we  give special care to a client.

For utter professional writing, pick the option ‘written by top 5 writers’

We also offer an optional free plagiarism report for credibility.

How do I get a discount? /How do I utilize a discount?

Whenever there is a discount, we will send to you a discount code which you will use when purchasing. Before you pay for your order, there is a panel where you type the code. Ensure you type the code to utilize your discount. Use it before it expires.

When do I pay for the services?

You are required to pay for the service before the writing is done. This is done after the completion of filling in your order details.  

Why do I pay before the job being done?

Over the years, we have encountered several clients, and some have shown adamancy in paying after the service is delivered. We have to pay our writers because the job is already done, and when this happens, we are unable to do so. To avoid all this, we made the client do CWO (Cash with Order) mode of payment.

How do I know the order has been received?

Upon approval of payment, we will receive your order within minutes, and we will assign it to the appropriate writer immediately.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. We will refund you 50-95% of the money spent during payment for the order depending on how long ago you placed it. For more details, look at clause 2.3.2 on the terms and conditions, page.


2. After submission

When will my order be done?

Immediately we receive the order; we allocate it to a writer whose profile fits the specifications outlined. This means that a simple order may take 2-3 hours to complete. More complex papers may take longer, the more the reason you should be reasonable in setting deadlines. If your deadlines are too tight, please do not order. Here are the guidelines to help you decide on the timing.

Simple topic- 1 page takes 20 mins

Intermediate topic- 1 page takes 30-40 mins

Complex topic and extensive research- 1 page takes 1 hr to 1 hr 30 mins

Simple dissertation/thesis- 3-4 days

Intermediate dissertation/thesis- 7-8 days

Complex dissertation and thesis with extensive research- 14 days


Can I communicate with my writer?

Unfortunately, you cannot. However, we have a system where you can leave a message, and our support team will relay the message to the writer. We can also communicate with you to inquire for more information and clarification. Contact us through support@top-shelfessays.

Am I able to change order details during an ongoing order?

Yes, but it depends. If they are major changes, they cannot be implemented, especially after some time has passed after we have received the order.

3. Essay delivery and review

 How will I receive the article/essay?

Check your account from time to time after 6 hours have passed since order placement. Completed orders appear under the folder ‘Delivered’. After delivery, please review the piece. We will not accept revisions after 24 have elapsed since delivery. Failing to ask for a revision during this time means you have approved the piece.

How many revisions do I get?

You can ask for as many revisions as you want. However, we will accept revisions if your argument is reasonable. Usually, we allow up to three unquestioned revisions. Any more requests will only be fulfilled after we thoroughly question why you feel we should revise it again. Remember, once we deliver, we cannot rewrite anew.

4. Other Questions

Is there a guarantee that my article/essay will be original?

We guarantee that we provide 98% plagiarism free articles and essays, which is acceptable everywhere. Sometimes we hit the 0% plagiarism level, but if we promise that this will always be the case, we will be lying.

There are millions of articles and essays out there, and there will always be a minute match of phrases and sentences. But we guarantee that we will never go beyond 3% plagiarism.

We have an optional free plagiarism report offer. Just remember to include the request while placing your order.

0% plag

Are the copyrights transferred to me when I approve of the article?

Yes. But read the terms and conditions to see what you can do and cannot do with the product.

Is Top-shelf Essays confidential?

Yes. We value our clients’ privacy, and that is why we say that using their actual names is not mandatory. See our privacy policy that outlines how we deal with personal information.


Can I get a refund?

Yes, you will get a refund after canceling an order. See our money back policy here.