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We have upgraded our services to offer customized business proposals!

Are you looking for new clients this year? Are you required to write a business proposal to win that deal? You are at the right place because at top-shelf Essays, we deliver outstanding business proposals to our clients. You now don’t have to worry about writing a business proposal that will draw investors’ attention.

All you have to do is contact us, give us instructions, and we will deliver an attractive business proposal. We have several business proposal templates, and we vow to make yours unique, tailored for your type of business. Also, our designers are equipped with creative skills to blend the different types of business proposals with your line of business.

They use the formats required to outline all the items that should appear in a proposal, therefore guaranteeing you a comprehensive business proposal. On top of that, we have editors that will assist you in identifying areas that you should include or eliminate in the proposal. Our professionals will ensure that you get out there confident and bold.

Here are a few tips to get you writing a conclusive business proposal in 2021.


Ensure you outline the essentials before you go to the details. A good business proposal should give information such as the official names of the proposer, the recipient, the publishing date of the business proposal, the expiry date, etc.


Next, outline the problem that you are solving for your prospective client. Doing this properly shows that you are aware of the client’s needs. It also shows the level of your understanding of the problem you are solving.


Give your solution briefly and concisely. Your solution should be completely exhaustive, giving various angles of how the problem should be solved. This can be done by answering all questions that you think your client may ask. Do not be afraid of outlining the weaknesses of your solution. Once you do this, the client will be happy to know that you are aware of the limitations of your solution. Do not dwell on the limitations, but show how you plan to deal with them effectively.


Win your clients’ trust by giving a success rate for your solution. It is only natural for a person to be completely convinced that something will work after they see empirical evidence reinforcing that. You can go a step further to convince them even more by including genuine testimonials and successful past work experience.


Include a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis that will show all precise and estimate costs, revenues, and profits. Break it all down to the last cent. This shows that you are meticulous and accountable.


Lastly, you can include a section that outlines the relevant steps required in making it happen. These steps act as a plan that can be followed and closely monitored to ensure that the project is completed in the expected time using the agreed-upon resources.

Looks like a lot of work , aye?

That is why we are here to give a helping hand. Let us get this done!

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