About Us

Top-shelf Essays is a writing service provider born in 2014 to assist clients with their professional writing needs. We not only provide academic writing services, but also article writing, SEO writing, proofreading, and rewriting services. Top-shelf is an English word that means high quality. For over six years, we have refined ourselves to giving top-quality papers and articles to our esteemed clients. We ensure you get what is on top.

Over the years, we have trained 55+ writers to give excellent results, and our customers have been astounded by the timely deliveries. Completing over 30,500 orders, we have risen to be among the best. Client satisfaction is our number one mission.

At Top-shelf, we have diligent junior writers and a few experienced writers who double up as editors.

All our writers:

  1. Have the requisite writing skills and extensive knowledge in various and specialized disciplines,
  2. Posses a high level of English proficiency,
  3. Are punctual and have time keeping discipline,
  4. Exhibit critical and creative thinking skills, and,
  5. Are able to apply different writing and formatting styles.

Once you place an order, the order is immediately assigned to a writer who only gets order details devoid of the client’s details. The writer completes the order as soon as possible and passes the paper/article to an editor.

Every writer at Top-shelf Essays is equipped with tools like grammar and plagiarism checkers, which they MUST use to correct hidden grammatical errors and plagiarized phrases. That means, our priority is giving grammatical and plagiarism-free essays/articles.

Top-shelf Essays has several full-time essay writers ready to work on your essay/article straightaway. The writers’ pillars are instructions and deadlines. In case anything is unclear, we will communicate to you, through the stipulated channels, for clarification of what should be done. High quality work is only achievable if the writers and editors understand what is required of them.

Upon receiving the written piece, the editor scrutinizes it, makes a few changes for perfection, and submits it to you for review. We eliminated additional costs, time wastage associated with bidding and choosing a single writer among several.

Things have never been this convenient, have they? Besides, every one of our skillful writers has a specialty field, which boosts our efficacy and quality.

We are mindful of all our clients, and that is why we keep the prices super affordable. On the other hand, we also want to ensure that our hard-working online writers are well-paid to remain motivated and therefore give top-notch quality essays and articles.

Yours is to sit back, relax, visit our website, and take all the time to order an essay/article. Once that is finished, do your things as you wait for us to deliver. Professionals aren’t found only in those big companies and bidding sites. Give us a chance to show you what we’ve got. We won’t disappoint.

Contact us at support@top-shelfessays.com or topshelfessays.articles@gmail.com and we will reply in minutes.