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1. Online chat

You can chat with our support team at any time of the day. We will get back to you in 10 mins. Ask us anything about getting quality assignment help because that is our gig. Whenever you leave a message, we will always get back to you as soon as possible.

2. Free plagiarism report

At Top-shelf Essays, we believe in giving cheap stellar essays and articles without compromising on quality. Our mission is delivering professional essay writing services to all our clients. Writing plagiarism-free papers is our mandate, and that is why we are professional.

3. Unlimited revisions

Get rewrites and edits whenever you feel like you want your paper further polished. Our essay writing service allows for free unlimited revisions as long as you can clearly articulate what you want to be changed and why.

4. Incredible discounts

Reward renders satisfaction to everyone. We appreciate all our loyal customers and clients by giving them incredible discounts up to 40% off. Furthermore, if you get a friend, a relative, or a classmate to order any of our essay services through your link, you get a discount the next time you order, and they too get a discount.

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We have been doing academic writing for over six years. Having such extensive experience, we know what students seeking assignment writing help need, and that is exactly what we give here at Top-shelf. You can sit back and wait as we deliver the best essay writing services.

Our accounts enable you to make multiple orders and manage them. You can also chat with our management team through your account and be updated on all our services. We command our writers to follow instructions to the latter.

Do your thing as we do ours. Take a walk, or surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend with an impromptu visit. Don’t stress out over small issues.

Let the best online essay writers do it for you!

“When I was in college some twenty years ago, I had difficulty doing assignments and writing papers. Almost all assignments entailed research and writing. Like all the other students, I needed a lot of assignment help. I wished I could get assistance from an experienced person.

Unfortunately, it was all an illusion-seniors were busy and arrogant, let alone the instructors and professors. But now, technology has made it easier for students. I can now mentor students, assist them, and give what I could never have, all because I precisely understand what students go through.

Top-shelf has provided that fantastic opportunity and you don’t want to miss it. We never had it, but you do. Don’t be hesitant, don’t waste it, grab it now. You won’t find affordable prices for excellent pieces elsewhere.”

Why Our Customers Like Us

0% plagiarism

We guarantee that all our papers are original. We will never give your essay to someone else, and we will never provide you with someone else’s article. Our writers begin afresh with every order.

Customer care

The customer is always right. You are our number one priority. We endeavor to create long-lasting relationships and provide more than writing services.


Over the years, we have recruited skillful writers that show prowess in particular fields. From finance to nursing, psychology and sociology, technology, and poetry, we will offer professional help.

Timely delivery

Don’t stress out at that glaring deadline. You can trust us to deliver on time. We do not take deadlines lightly, and we may refund you when we are late.

No time wasting

We will execute your order as soon as you place it.


This is the number one homework essay help site that gives the cheapest essay writing service. We go as low as $10 per page depending on your type of paper, academic level, subject, and deadline. Affordable assignment services for everyone!

We Offer a Variety of Disciplines

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This what makes us professional


  1. We have several skillful writers

We have over 50 professional writers ready to take your orders round the clock. Most of them hold degrees. Talent and passion, nonetheless, is our basis for choosing who writes for us. This is why you will get unique essays written with a touch of love and sheer enthusiasm.

  1. We produce original papers

Never worry about our creativity and originality. We guarantee you that we will always give you plagiarism-free papers. Why struggle with paraphrasing and rigorous research when you could always order top-shelf papers here?

  1. We follow instructions

Just tell us what to do, and we will strive to do precisely that. Customer satisfaction is among our top priorities.

     4. We are acquainted with all formatting styles

Our writers are acquainted with all the types of formatting rules. APA, MLA, Chicago, and Havard. Reading our essays and articles will help you understand all the formatting regulations and techniques. It is vital that you also understand how to format your papers. However, APA and MLA are the common formatting styles.

Why do students need essay homework help?

Here are 10 solid reasons why students need assignment help even though they may not say it.

  1. Involvement in several activities- less and less time for studies
  2. Over-indulgence in leisure and merry-making
  3. Low levels of critical and creative thinking abilities
  4. ‘Difficult’ programs
  5. Challenging courses/topics that need additional attention/assistance to understand
  6. Poor performance/under-performance
  7. Under-confidence and uncertainty
  8. Crazy deadlines and a lot of work
  9. Poor language skills
  10. Poor attitude towards a subject

Which category do you fall?

Several students are caught up with various life activities, and they may not have time to keep up with all of them. Assignment deadlines catch up with them and, thus, need homework help. While some students are breadwinners for their families, others just seek to fend for themselves, and thus, may not have time for studies.

On the other hand, there’s a clique that just wants to have fun and forget about homework assignments, classes, and schoolwork. You may also be the kind that has the diary filled from morning to evening. Some students have ongoing time consuming projects, whether curricular or extracurricular, and may also need coursework help.

The significant proportion that seeks online essay writing help is that which struggles with creative and critical thinking. All tasks on the college level and master’s level need this skill. Furthermore, some students choose exigent programs unknowingly and have a rough time getting good grades. They, therefore, need some assistance to keep afloat.

In this accord, some units just slip your mind, especially the challenging ones. You are not dumb; you have made it this far. Trust us; you simply need a little help. Are you experiencing that right now? We are here to give that much-needed assistance as there are brighter days ahead.

                                   A small note about our writers

We have the best professional essay writers who are highly trained to produce outstanding results. They show innate characteristics of critical and creative thinking, versatility, patience, perfection, punctuality, and knowledgeability. All of them have English proficiency required to give the best service.



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